Know More About the Way of Santiago de Norte
Caminho do Norte

Perhaps it is the NORTH ROAD the most historic route, the first pilgrims take all the European Christianity of the time to reach Santiago de Compostela.
It should be borne in mind that in the early centuries and from the moment the tomb of the Apostle is discovered, domination by Muslims has reached many areas of northern parts of the peninsula, and this is the fundamental reason This primitive outline.
Making the Way of the Coast is to make one of the most beautiful, attractive and exciting ways of Santiago, mostly between the mountain and the Bay of Biscay. The views, often lost in the blue distance of the waters of the sea; the intense green of the mountains adorned with endless villages; the small villages, which seem to be drawn from a history; the towns and villages of fishermen, the beautiful cities, the gastronomy and finally the hospitality of its people, transform this wonderful Way into an unforgettable experience for the pilgrim.
It is on the same bridge of Hendaye (Ponte de Santiago), where it begins and where you can see the first yellow arrow, which is not abandoned until, practically, the same Cathedral of Santiago. But this arrow, in some corners of the Way, will leave without seeing, for doubting the pilgrim between the "right or left", so we will try to save through detailed descriptions, the doubts that may arise from deficiencies in the signaling.