Learn More About the Camino de Santiago through France
Caminho Francês

To enter the Path, to experience the Path, is to enter the desert - the exterior and the interior - and walk naked. The Camino comes with what you are. Just it. And it advances, mostly in silence. No question almost anything. Without worrying about what is not essential. Sometimes you and your eyes are closed and yet you do not send big obstacles. No Camino almost everything is new. The same goes for the type of law: walking even with a tired step.
Trust: On the Path There's Water: The One That Gives Ground And, All About Everything, The Rain. The rain on the road is like a party. A great party that rejoices the heart. This can hardly be done when you do not make pilgrimages. In the city everything is priced and the book is little valued. The way is incredible and great for listening to the noise of the fountains, and the wrinkles and exploding above the ground remind us once again that the world still walks with illiterate rhythms of beauty.
The main food of the Way is the hope of the new, of what it hides, and yet it is present where the heart is able to see far more and more deeply than the simple logic of reason.
The French Way or the route of the stars, is the Way of Santiago par excellence. From Saint Jean Pied de Port, it is a journey of almost 800 kilometers to the west, with the Milky Way that accompanies it from the sky and the essence of a millenarian route of the earth.
You can not or should not describe it, it is the pilgrim who, step by step, must discover it by recreating itself in the landscapes and songs so diverse that they are offered along the whole way; extasiándose in the contemplation of the ancient and enigmatic stones that mark the routes and make up that number of roads, bridges, chapels, churches, cathedrals, monasteries ... and that are nothing more than the footprint left by our ancestors whose goal was to reach eternity, there at the "end of the earth".
Finally, enjoy the kindness and hospitality of your people, whose culture, customs and fine cuisine will permanently amaze the suffering walker.
"The gates of his way to all, sick and healthy not only to Catholics, but also the heathen, Jews, heretics, idle and vain, and briefly good and profane"

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